August 2015 "Be Heard" Newsletter | New Client Portal

Helloooooooo...Been a good while since I sent out a newsletter. Then again, sometimes no news is good news. But, thought y'all might want to check out the upgrade to our Client Portal. It's worth a look, if I don't say so myself. :-) Prolly be a good time to update any contact or billing information too. Start ... Read More »

1st Aug 2015
March 2014 "Be Heard" Newsletter | Password Nazi

Yes, it’s true as the subject suggests. I tend to get a little crazy with password security. Many of you tease me, some complain, yada yada yada...But, what most of you don’t know is the Internet's dirty little secret. There is no real law between borders. And, February saw a flood of brute force login attacks from foreign countries ... Read More »

1st Mar 2014
February 2014 "Be Heard" Newsletter | The Dregs

You Guys,I go "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" every winter, let's call it, but work keeps me going, so thanks. The end of 2013 brought new versions of PHP (v5.4.24) and Apache (v2.4.7), a security patch for the Client Portal, and many minor environment enhancements. 2014? Well, if you have any pending problems help save me from myself, just let me ... Read More »

1st Feb 2014
January 2014 "Be Heard" Newsletter | Happy New Year

Hey All,

Just want to take a quick moment to thank you for your business: past, present, and future. I feel very lucky to support my family as a small business owner. I hope you and yours enjoy this day. Happy new year and good luck in 2014!


Seth Cole (Google+) (@rockhost)
[ROCKHOST.COM - "Be Heard"]

1st Jan 2014
December 2013 "Be Heard" Newsletter | The Death Of Winamp

The news broke on Twitter, where you can follow me, recently that Winamp is dying. Going EOL (end of life). The software will no longer be supported by Nullsoft or AOL, but a final version has been released. If this program has any use to you, especially you Shoutcasters, I would download a copy now before it's too late, i.e. ... Read More »

1st Dec 2013
November 2013 "Be Heard" Newsletter | Broken Link Checker

Hey Gang,Here's a little gem I want to share after stumbling upon the url earlier this fall. A helpful hint to all website owners is to regularly search for broken links, a.k.a., "404 Not Found" errors.http://www.brokenlinkcheck.comI was able to find and fix three bad clicks on ROCKHOST.COM in a matter of minutes. External links change. Never ... Read More »

1st Nov 2013
October 2013 "Be Heard" Newsletter | Shoutcast Reseller Hosting

Hey Guys,I put up an official blog. WordPress just makes it too easy. Tumblr's time outs had to go. The latest post features a new ROCKHOST.COM marketing video entitled, Shoutcast Reseller Hosting. I'd love to read your opinions and suggestions even if it isn't your cup of tea. Please leave a comment.What does this mean for you if you are a ... Read More »

1st Oct 2013
September 2013 "Be Heard" Newsletter | Google Monkey

Hey Guys,Been working my ass off. I am a Google boy. Quick update, found a great link for grading website page speed. The front end code, that is, not the network connection (1 Gbps). I was able to raise my score from 79 to 93 thanks to the insights. Take a look. Test your domain name. How fast does the site load? Read the tips. Try the tweaks. I ... Read More »

1st Sep 2013
August 2013 "Be Heard" Newsletter | Top SEO Ranking Factors

Hey All,Lately I've been doing a little fine tuning on ROCKHOST.COM to boost our position in Google Search. So, I thought I might share...After making several minor tweaks I found a download, Ranking Factor - Rank Correlation Study 2013, post dating both the Panda and Penguin software updates. Social media pluses, ... Read More »

1st Aug 2013
July 2013 "Be Heard" Newsletter | Resellers

Hey You,Ever want to start your own web hosting company? Curious? Resellers, be on the lookout for some new products and services coming soon from ROCKHOST.COM. Domain Name Resellers Reseller Web Hosting Shoutcast Reseller Hosting Icecast Reseller Hosting Stay tuned,Seth Cole (Google+) (@rockhost)[ROCKHOST.COM - "Be Heard"] Read More »

1st Jul 2013