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Streaming Server Uptime

Being on air is critical for running professional online radio station broadcasts. Expect a minimum, or better, of 99.9% uptime per year. Streaming servers are the (network) backbone of a station and your live signal the pulse.

The cloud delivers an excellent uptime model. When hardware failure occurs no downtime is necessary to replace redundant, hot swappable, parts.

Content Delivery Network

Input radio streaming devices across an industry grade - point of presence (PoP) - server infrastructure that strategically circles the globe. Rest assured. Get the same satisfaction a CDN delivers to an audience. Fast, efficient, effective, speed. Internet routing based by location.

Operational Transparency

View service status summaries in real time as reported by our servers or trust a reputable third party monitoring company to record the data => Panopta never blinks.

Check live local network status here.

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