How do I move my site from my old host to your servers?

Transferring your account to our company can be an easy process with zero downtime if done properly. To do so you only need a little preparation and about 3-4 days overlap between old and new hosts. Your primary concern is having control of your domain names. This is paramount as you will need to be able to change the name servers for the domain name.


1. Purchase a new hosting account with us.

2. Upload your web content to the new server and configure any email addresses you use/need via cPanel.

3. Once the new server is tested and functions as needed, log in to your domain name registrar interface and update the DNS nameservers to ( &

3a. (Optional) If you use a high traffic, database driven site, it is wise to setup remote access to the database on your old web hosting server during the DNS propagation process. This ensures that your database stays in sync and up to date all on one server.

4. Continue to check email on both the old and new hosting servers to ensure that no communications are lost during the DNS propagation.

5. After about 72 hours DNS propagation should be complete and if all testing shows your new account is fully functional you can close the old account.

5a. (Optional) If you chose to use remote access listed in step 3a you will need to shutdown your site using a temporary webpage or to let your users know there is some work in progress. Transfer your database from the old server, set your connection script to use the "local” database, and restore your original home page.

Following the above steps will prevent any downtime for your site and allow you to ensure that neither emails nor database updates are lost in the transfer process.

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