Securing MySQL

Due to differing needs and requirements this is difficult to answer except on a case by case basis. The MySQL website has a section regarding general security of a MySQL database available here:

-Additionally some good practices are:

-Verify your root MySQL account password is set.

-Make sure that each account has a password set.

-Do not grant global privileges unnecessarily.

-Avoid using wildcards in the hostname value associated with accounts.

-Periodically review users and databases that are setup in MySQL.

-Do not use passwords on the command line. From the command line you can login to MySQL using "shell> mysql –u root –password=somepassword mysql" the problem with this is anyone on the server could view your password with a simple process list command "shell> ps". The correct usage would be: "shell> mysql –u root –p mysql", from this MySQL will prompt your for your password and it will not show up in the process list as plain text.

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